- sourdough - graphics - sculpture -
- Vilnius - Bruxelles - Paris -

Artist | Kamilė Krasauskaitė
- sourdough - graphics - sculpture -
sensory data collection from which is sloughed while changing qualities



learning how to touch

(in alchemy: furnace used to create physical, mystical, and moral transformations)

active sourdough, tent, satin, extended heart beat audio
Artifex gallery — 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania


(the cast or sloughed sourdough skin)
sensory data collection f

rom which is sloughed while changing qualities

2,5 x 2,5 m — 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

24 sheets about bread, 2018


event lays down on my body

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

marks of human map

fragments from zine