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(Kamilė Krasauskaitė & Agnė Jokšė dua, performace)

– Please remind me, why have you never told me how you feel? Have you remember I suggested you to use an alter-ego, so you could finally reveal your real story (my ego-ego always lurks in pseudo narratives, confusing and not suggesting the final story line).
– And in general, isn’t an alter-ego always does this kind of job?
– You see, again you’re avoiding a question by asking a question, and again you’re not telling your own story.
– I love to listen to my stories through your mouth.

The most intimate time passes in kitchens and beds (well maybe dreams as well). Time that is better left unsaid - the innocent lick of a spoon, lettuce leaf falls on a ground and has been picked, transformation of a time-tested recipe, the sharing of whims, of untold stories that are as if by the way, satisfying a physical need to eat or to hanker. Your story comes from here and returns back to here; expired. You are forced to wait, to guess when that climax - that brief experience and rupture of psychogeoraphic space will come. Here we unanimously agree to avoid any repetition.
“This is not the time for "I" stories. And yet a person's life happens, or fails, in the individual self, and nowhere else.”*
Chef(or)mance- The duo of Agnė Jokšė and Kamilė Krasauskaitė, in search of dialogue in inadéquations, untold stories and dream kitchens, to overcome their dreamless experiences and welcome them into a space of sleek and undefined boundaries. The kitchen is a faithful backstage, which in Umede transforms into an exuviae of space and plot.
/How much do you need to see 'the kitchen' over all?
/Let's talk about our needs
Kamilė Krasauskaitė is an artist working with sourdough. Her practice evolves in different formats – installations, sculptures, publications or social events. Artists and sourdough obey the same principles of fermentation: the process does not provide a finished artefact, the installation is limited to the present moment, the events arise from each other and are constantly becoming and disappearing, and are therefore performative.
Agnė Jokšė trained skills in making fruit and sugar garnishes inspired by the cocktail culture, tasted and evaluated drinks and food, recommended and cleaned the tables, prepared lunches and dinners to various collectives and communities. In the end of the spring 2021 she discovered Kamilė. Understands the kitchen as a portal where time does not exist. Since 2013 studied art in Lithuania and abroad and, actually still does. Agnė is interested in the person and food relationship, the culture of hospitality. Also she likes to shoot on camera, write and perform.
* Max Frisch "My name be Gantenbein"

© 2021 Kamilė Krasauskaitė, Agnė Jokšė


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