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Vilnius - Paris - Bruxelles

(bread masks

The basis from which we are born and become is the same DNA structure. A self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent. The features, appearance, character, experiences of that form are merely the result of one or another circumstance and the only difference between us. This means, that our EGO is just a mask the we’re wearing on our basis. The mask, is just like the alter ego, used to look like, to experience the presence of another. Sometimes, one or another feature prevents one from escaping from one’s personal states, old patterns or situations, imprisoning one’s own EGO, thus preventing one from moving into a new acquaintance, a new presence. Here, masks serve to put yourself in the shoes of the other, go into unfamiliar rooms, and raise awareness. 
Masks are sometimes used to avoid recognition. As a disguise the mask acts as a form of protection for the wearer who wishes to assume a role or task without being identified by others. Different cultures have their own bread recipes, depending on the type of grains or traditional kitchen. Often the name or recipe of the bread is immediately related to the area of origin (such as Sicilian bread, Canadian white, English muffin, Pistolet - Belgium, tortilla - Mexico, etc.). At different geographical latitudes, different bacteria of lactobacillus predominate. Due to the different properties of bacteria, some properties of the sourdough also changes. The older sourdough is, the more bacteria it contains - the more active, endurance and more flexible it becomes. It picks up bacteria simply by breathing the oxygen. 

During the exhibition the artist will accomplish a cooperative action based on the blending ingredients for bread-sculptures. The dough will be baked in the oven installed in the gallery, and fresh loaves will be shared. The creation and the process of bread conception will be based on the people who interact with it and with the space. The manufacture and allotment of bread is an ancestral way of creating cohesion and welcome. The guests and sculptors will be the members, children,  youth and elders of the local communities.Everyday,  breads in the shape of masks are developed and exposed in the gallery. Visitors are invited to take seat and eat together. Kamilė as a performer and moderator is standing behind the table, slicing bread and chatting with gallery visitors; Asking to describe the flavor or for advice, new recipes for the upcoming sculptures... The sculptures will be documented, collected pictures will be exposed in the show. 
Sourdough is as a matrix : The substance between dough. Added components create different visual images and spectrum of flavors. All the other factors as temperature, ingredient characteristics and pigments appeals unique features of each mask.

© 2020 Kamilė Krasauskaitė


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