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Human Maps



The body you can also relate to a certain geographical area, we provide a map system for this, experience in this case is the expansion, detailing, creation of new connections and points. The disease / conflict / element here becomes a "hot spot" that requires one or other change to solve the problem. Depending on the geographical terrain or the "character" of the city, the area attracts frequent regularities or events. The body is like a playground or a tool to enable it to function and at the same time be very restrictive, in any case becoming more and more prevalent as consciousness increases.

The map is well suited as a flexible system and form to know the other / his body and experience / discover the disease (Tibetan medicine has many illustrations here with many different physiological "maps" such as the vascular / lymphatic system and many mystical maps). The shape of the map allows you to talk about yourself as a third person (i.e., the map of the deportation and purification).

The work consists of eight maps forming one. In the system a relationship and relationships are created all over.

At the begining our physical area of cognition is limited to womb, later room, apartment / house, yard, district, school, city, state, etc. etc.

Empathy and self contemplation (without taking it personal) allows us to take on a wider scale and see / condense and solve increasingly global problems, connect and find patterns. As the scale increases, topographic tags (i.e., essential objects) also change.

And what if it's not one layer? And if "my" map lives on "other" maps? And what if I borrowed other maps to expand the infrastructure of my own territory? 

After all, territories are affected by the Forceless Force (Force Majeure). Going through the general map of cyclones and anticyclones, cycles, hurricanes, droughts or torrents, creates one or other circumstances that create new systems, find new connections or even fundamentally change terrain / mode and purpose.

The project consists of human maps(drawings), video(rendered loop of hurrigane "Erica"), zine (like a documentation of Force Majeure talking about it as about subject.
I interviewed group of people by giving them questions that relates to their body territory, sensation, memories (for ex.: there is a city or forest? if there's the Old Town? Church? where do you feel the river? where is your place to hide/your secret place?), the answers were supposed to be a part of the body (for ex.: I feel the Old Town in my left hip and a river is flowing from my right ear to my crotch).
During interview i was sketching their natural pose and marking their answers on top. After I connected eight maps to one big. That requires to adapt a little big little maps corners and also creates some "colloborations" (with roads, rivers, or some of the maps actually had a shore from the same ocean).

The map here is the methaphor of our sensory data. The fact is that different sensations lays in a different areas (mentally and physically) and reacts to irritants depending on "tactile sensors" over there.

Then I needed a second irrational layer to put on a big map top. And I putted a hurricane that plays situation or conflict role.
The big map creates a microclimate inside. And the hurricane effects it all but in a different way. etc etc.

The hurricane here is also independent action, Force Majeure which is must happen and which is have his/her personal characteristics and energy.

It started with a researches of different maps, mapping and also marks. Which's was the most important thing before getting the stories. Otherwise there's wouldn't be a system of sketching and catching all the info.

© Kamilė Krasauskaitė, 2018

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