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Exuviae (lot. exuō)
(the cast or sloughed sourdough skin)
sensory data coll
ection from which is sloughed while changing qualities

sourdough, gauze, rope
2,5 x 2,5 m — 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Exuviae are waiting for interactions with other elements. The remnant of the body after the further organism of the cycle is taken away. Maintaining past events. It also deactivates and faces the same; movable to change the feature and form during the act. He does not see the future, but has a chain of past events (skeletons) that becomes a window to potential future ones. The first follows the second. However, the current moment is the most important, it is "responsible" or a structure will be created to accept a new cycle, or it will be possible to maintain an undefined state.


My story and social choice (interactions with one or other constituents - I am acting and responsible, but I am never the main actor in these events.) Each time an individual relationship develops a story. The story here has to be overcome by the cyclic nature of the material, without throwing it away, and possibly transforming (potentially) leaking (feeding and giving maximum attention).
Freedom to become a living substance that creates and adopts processes that ferment that information and thus converts the experience into the body.
Drying, exploring. In the sight of all those thousands of observers who eat, they preserve their being and their original nature, because they never pretend that it is more than just a living substance.
Four “Root” (Empedocio) - four elements and four quality (wet; dry; warm; cold). Death breaks down the four elements that remain irrelevant, subject and object. Two spaces are separated into "active" and "passive" two qualities. The active properties of the leaven are "warm and moist", whereas the passive space ("cold and dry") has already been eliminated and is no longer able to start a new fermentation cycle. 
© 2019 Kamilė Krasauskaitė
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