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Oven sculpture
permanent sculpture

Bricks, beton, mortar, clay
W 170cm; L 200 cm; H 150cm

realised during the residency at “Hybrida AIR 2” / [capture]
curated by Joar Torbiörnsson (SE), Giorgos Tsiongas (GR),
coordinator: Jeroen Kortekaas (NL)
Älvsbacka, Sweden 2022
exhibition booklet:

3D render made by: Persijn Broersen

During the residency in Alvsbacka Kamilė Krasauskaitė by following her research of dome-shaped hollow objects built a bread oven. 

The oven as a symbol of the space in which a change in quality takes place*. The alchemical furnace - Athanor - is a perfect example for analysing the archetype of the furnace itself. These type of ovens are flexible in purpose, form and full of legends.
Etymologically, they come from the Caliphate period, where the term 'al-tanoor' is used, i.e. the bread oven, whose design becomes the original form of the magical oven.
In alchemy, the Athanor oven is used to create physical, mystical and moral transformations.
*” Hollow objects such as ovens are associated with the mother and of course the womb, Yoni (as a symbol of divine prophetic energy, usually represented by a round stone) and similar forms. “ // Jung, Collected Works vol. 9.I (1959), "Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype" (1938/1954), ¶156 (p. 81)
Kamilė’s aim as well was to 3D scan the oven, take it as a meta outcome of the residency, rethink various scales we can experience as an avatars in digital reality.

© 2022 Kamilė Krasauskaitė

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