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the Evidence of Vibrating Desert

(hypothetical exhibition)

5Malūnai gallery

Space as a desert absorbs the purest vibrations of the things. I close my eyes, walking around, trying to miss the fact of lack. -Please take me from this place. Until I cough the tunnel, it was something between noise and music. Pure vibrations. Transparent relations built me a promise of sense.

List of participants: Valentina Černiauskaitė, Irma Ignatavičiūtė, Simona Jurčikonytė, Kamilė Krasauskaitė, Monika Šiliūnaitė, Juozapas Švelnys, Paulė Vaitkutė, Viltė Žumbakytė
Project initiator: Lauren Reid

   This is a neutral space that will contain no objects but only materials that will define the Exhibition. It is an area for visitors to get first clues into "the Evidence of Vibrating Desert" characteristics.
   The main body of the exhibition is evidences collected by 8 different artists - curators. Together with initiator Lauren Reid they turned 5 MALŪNAI gallery to the desert, the space where the things comes from and where they go. Somehow evidences disappears, there is no artworks or objects in this exhibition anymore. The clues were collected while following the sound tunnels behind the desert dykes. The visitor is forced to use his sensations to recover the previous wholeness, that leads to the construct of the mirage. The irritants here are craving, sensory tentacles leading to the only sceletons of wholeness that we have - relationships between each “non existing yet/anymore” object.

   The curtains giving the acoustic guidance and also faith that there is something to seek for behind. As a separator, as a platform for the Evidence. Speakers targed as an audio landscapes. Different intensity and levels soundtracs creates an unstable status, feeling of being lost, enormous need to create a construct in your head where the sceletons is a relations between evidences.
   While the main guide in the exhibition is a sounds, like a memory of the lost objects. It is an endless game of associations from which it is already difficult to escape, the meaning is hyperbolized and leads to a sand castles, walls, structures inside that you can easily get lost in a endless loop.
   The whole image appears and disappears at the same time. Is it already clear that it's just a mirage? Is it evidences still exist? does it ever existed? Behind the window of watchman shining "lost and found" shelf.

© 2019


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